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Elliott the Duck

He loves people.

Annabelle  the camel

Annabelle is our ride camel and a great gal!

FRED the Emu

He loves to hide and spook our visitors.


Cuzco the baby llama

Cusco our baby llama. very shy but sweet.

Cookies a miniature horse

Cookies with her baby colt of I day old, born 07/26/2014

Marley the sheep

The most lovable sheep you will ever meet. Loves to nuzzle.

Sheaba and her baby Bella

Sheaba is very protective of her baby.

Petri the indian runner duck.


Lulu the pot belly pig

Lulu with her best friend Minstrel 

Scott our very special rooster.

Walter & Fushia our twin goats


Pixie , one of the smallest horses you will ever see. she has dwarfism and is as cute as a button!
Mr T a sulcata tortoise

 Bongo our male squirrel monkey. he lives with his three girls, Chica, Molly and Maggie



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