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Image by Nick Fewings


Sulcata Tortoise

  • Sulcata Tortoises are mostly active during dusk or dawn.

  • In West Africa, they are a symbol of longevity, fertility, and happiness.

  • They can survive from 50-150 years in the wild. 

Basilisk Lizard

  • Basilisk Lizards are very fast swimmers and can stay underwater for 30 minutes.

  • They can lay between 10-20 eggs in a hole in the ground.

  • The mother doesn't stick around to hatch the babies. The babies can take care of themselves from the moment they're born. 

Bearded Dragons

  • Bearded Dragons are named that way because it can enlarge its throat (that resembles a beard) when it is threatened or when defending its territory.

  • Bearded Dragons greet each other or to show submission by standing on three legs while rotating the remaining leg in the air.

  • Bearded Dragons main predators are large lizards, dingoes, and birds of prey. 

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